Ten Thousand Gear

Ten Thousand makes training and fitness apparel that handles anything life can throw my way. Check out some of their apparel, and use the promo code: ‘EHINMAN20’ for a discount on your purchase!

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The WHOOP Strap 3.0 is essential to my training and recovery planning. This waterproof, lightweight band optimizes the way I track sleep, recovery time and my exertion levels, so I can perform as effectively as possible every day! Grab a WHOOP membership and join the community today with promo code ‘Ehinman’!

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Makers of scientifically-proven, natural formulas for pain relief and recovery, Rightful helps me be my best every day. Use discount code EHINMAN for $20 off your order!

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Dave’s Serious

Dave’s Serious paleo energy bars are my go-to delicious snack when I’m out on the trails or finishing a workout. All natural raw ingredients and convenient packaging makes them perfect when I’m on the go. Use promo code ‘Ehinman’ when you pick some up!

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Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and recovery. Use my code: “EHINMAN” for a discount on your sauna purchase!

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The Ice Barrel

Exposure to extreme temperatures is part of my daily recovery routine. The Ice Barrel is my favorite way to get cold and take renewing ice baths! Use my code: “EHINMAN” for a discount on your hand crafted Ice Barrel!

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Find the right, personalized nootropics stack today! It’s Easy! Tell Formula your goals, customize stacks, and track the effects!

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Lane Eight

Performance footwear for a life in motion. Balanced and comfort matched with all-around support. Use my code: “Ehinman” for a discount on a pair!

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No THC. Just TLC. 100% THC-free natural CBD products. Helps improve focus, ease anxiety and fight inflammation. Use the promo code: ‘EHINMAN’ for a discount!

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Matador Bags

Lightweight and packable gear, built for travel. Use promo code: ‘hinman15’ for a discount on your purchase!

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For the best compression shorts and compression pants, check out WOLACO! For 15% off, use Promo Code: erichinman

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Mobs Design

Modern, yet classic designs, for utility and superior style. Mobs provides some of my favorite beautifully crafted footwear for those who travel in style.

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RPM Training

Jump ropes in custom colors that inspire! Use the promo code: ‘HINMAN10’ for a discount!

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Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins provides collagen based products – like coconut creamer and more! Check some out today!

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